New to Paul Kaster Golf Coaching?

At Paul Kaster Golf Coaching we want to understand not only your game but to learn more about you as a golfer.

In order to do that, we offer a one hour new student assessment for $115


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Bi-Weekly Coaching Program

$275 / month for adults     |     $250 / month for juniors

You’ll have access to all of Paul’s tools and techniques including a Titleist Performance Institute assessment, an online exercise program, K-Coach 3D, and putting instruction. A coaching app will allow you to stay connected between sessions and get feedback while you work on your game. A limited number of coaching programs are available.

Includes: 2 hours of private coaching per month, mental game profile, and access to all technology when deemed appropriate to use, by Paul.

Technology: KVest; BodiTrak; GC Quad launch monitor; stats analysis using leading stats program; putting instruction using AimPoint;
coaching app, communication and video analysis between sessions.

3-month minimum commitment required.

Bi-Weekly Coaching Program

TPI Body-Swing Assessment

2 hours – $325

We can’t separate our body from the golf swing. How your body functions and any limitations you have, determines how you swing the club. That’s where the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) comes in!

During your TPI evaluation, we will take you through a physical screen that shows any issues that may limit your golf potential. We will analyze your swing on video, create a custom TPI workout program, and discuss the body-swing connections that will help you improve over the long term.

We combine the use of the K-Vest 3D system to measure your swing and create a biofeedback program that will help you understand sound movements in a surprisingly simple way through audio and visual feedback.

Putter Lesson-Fittings

$130 for adults

$110 for juniors 

+ 10% off of a custom fitted putter 
Learn putting systems used by major champions to set putting records and get fitted for a custom putter that is right for you. Taylormade and SeeMore putters are available for custom order.