Foresight Sports GC Quad

There is simply no other launch monitor in the world like the Foresight GC Quad.  With four ultra-high speed cameras that take 10,000 photos per second of the club and ball, we get accurate information about what the club and ball are doing for the best training and feedback possible. Paul’s simulator is based on the Quad and Foresight’s world class cloud based system so you can train in the studio and then analyze your shots afterwards anywhere you’d like. We can practice a variety of shots and scenarios on courses like Oakmont, Pebble Beach, and Spyglass Hill. The GC Quad also had world class putting software that allows Paul to fit clients to their putters and train their ideal stroke patterns. Paul serves on Foresight Sports’ Advisory Board along with professionals like Butch Harmon, Michael Breed, and James Ridyard.