Whether you’re a professional golfer, caddie, or amateur golfer,
AimPoint Green-Reading will transform your game by teaching you the one aspect of putting which is never taught:  Eactly where to aim.

You have to experience AimPoint – it’s amazing!

First putt with new SeeMore was a 20 footer with 9 inches of break right to left, dead center! I’m now a SeeMore evangelist. I have been using the si5 SeeMore and am averaging about 5 less putts per round, meaning I have been shooting lower scores, averaging around even par instead of mid-70’s!

Baron W / Student

I made a 105 feet of putts the round after my AimPoint clinic. It was crazy good. 27 putts and shot 73. I have a process I trust, it’s quick, accurate and I have much more confidence. I highly recommend Paul and AimPoint!

Rick / 5.2 index

“I recently purchased an Si 4 and it is by far the best Putter I’ve ever played with, and I’ve had many! This thing will be buried with me.”

Merle B / Student

Paul, I love the SeeMore putter! The first round with it, I made three birdies of over 20 feet and shot 76 for the day. My confidence continues to get better and better with the putter! Thanks for the personalized fitting; I think it will really make a difference in my game.

Kevin Thompson / Student