Paul Kaster is a Golf Channel Academy Lead Coach at Paul Kaster Golf Coaching in New Jersey.

He was recognized by Golf Digest as one of The Best Golf Teachers in New Jersey for 2017-2018, and he was selected
by U.S. Kids Golf as one of 2017’s Top 50 Kids Teachers. There is no better place to come for golf coaching and lessons.

Paul creates coaching programs for adult and junior students to help them improve quickly using the latest thechnology. 
He is 100% committed every day to helping his students improve and enjoy the great game of golf more than ever.

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Better Golf
Making the game easier, fun and enjoyable

Golf is a game that entertains, educates and inspires. Paul Kaster embodies all of this and more in his work to grow the game,

One golfer at a time...

Joe Steranka PGA CEO 2005 - 2012

Golf Improvement Tips

There is a very revealing point at which golfers hit a limit.
Most golfers have a part of their game that drags their handicap down (or up actually).

Congratulations to Alex on his FIRST Club Championship

Tiger wasn't the only one who had a big weekend two weeks ago. Client Alex Smith won the Men's Club Championship at Montclair Golf Club. Alex has done a lot of great work over the last year on his ... See more
If you want to improve your score or lower your handicap, then start by benchmarking some key areas of your game.

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